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Stop, Drop & Vogue | rainbow pants, mara hoffman, rainbow print
rainbow pants, mara hoffman, rainbow print
rainbow pants, mara hoffman, rainbow print
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Rainbow Pants

Rainbow Pants

Why do people always think I’m crazy when I say that my favorite color is rainbow? I know rainbow is not actually a color, but it’s still all of the colors combined, and I obviously can’t pick just one! It’s like someone thinking I’m crazy for saying that my favorite animal is a unicorn. I think you can all see where I’m going with this.. Yeah I’m pretty crazy, hah!

When I first saw these Mara Hoffman colorful pants, I couldn’t resist getting them! They make the perfect beach getaway look, and although I have no plans of going anywhere tropical any time soon, I styled them with the pastel yellow backdrops of Southern Pines, NC to showcase their colorful style. I really think these pants scream “resort,” they are boho, but still maintain a chic and stylish aspect about them. If I could I’d rock these on the beaches of Jamaica or against the colorful backdrops of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just looking at these pants make me feel warm sunshine inside!

I styled these rainbow pants with some casual brown espadrilles and my vintage leather coach bag. They add to the easy, breezy aesthetic of the pants. I wore my OTS top from Storets, but any white tank top or top will work too. While I’m over here dreaming of a destination vacation, I hope you enjoy these pictures and have a great weekend!

Shop my entire look at the bottom of this post!

Tell me in the comments below – if you could travel any where in the world with these pants, where would you go?


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Shop my entire look here:

  • maria/ 21.04.2017Reply

    omg in love with this color pop! this entire look is adorable, i really love those pants they have so much energy! mara hoffman is always so fun.

  • Jenna Colgrove/ 21.04.2017Reply

    i think every girl needs these pants in their life!

  • Morgan Klein/ 21.04.2017Reply

    Rainbow is the best and is definitely a color! Love your outfit!

  • Shira/ 21.04.2017Reply

    Omg those pants are too fun! Love paired with the neutral wedges,

  • Rachael Thomas/ 21.04.2017Reply

    These pants are so fun, and I love them with the off shoulder top! There are too many places that I’d love to wear these pants to name!

  • Nita/ 21.04.2017Reply

    Yesssss girl!! Those pants are SO CUTE and I love how you styled it too! <3

  • Anna English/ 21.04.2017Reply

    That rainbow print is perfect! I love those pants.

  • Azanique/ 21.04.2017Reply

    Loving these pants girl! So cute

    -xoxo, Azanique

  • Alyssa/ 21.04.2017Reply

    These pants definitely exude beach vibes! Now I will be dreaming of a beach vacay..

    Alyssa ||

  • Kimberly/ 22.04.2017Reply

    Such a fun colorful look – and those espadrilles are perfect!

  • Stephanie/ 22.04.2017Reply

    Those are some seriously fun pants! Definitely made for a weekend full of dancing and having a great time!

    Stephanie //

  • Erin M/ 22.04.2017Reply

    These pants are perfect for a summer vacay!

  • roxy/ 22.04.2017Reply

    OMG these would be absolutely perfect on beach vacation! I love how you’ve styled them here.

  • Cate/ 23.04.2017Reply

    These pants are too perfect for spring! You look fabulous in them!

    xo, Cate

  • Lindsay/ 23.04.2017Reply

    not many people could pull off these pants, but you are totally rocking them!! They look like they were made for you!

  • Jessica/ 23.04.2017Reply

    I totally know what you mean by loving “rainbow” as a color! I’m color obsessed too and those pants look ah-mazing on you! Such a beautiful print! xo, Jessica

  • Mariam/ 23.04.2017Reply

    Those pants are everything!!! You look so lovely!

    xo Mariam |

  • Jaime/ 23.04.2017Reply

    Well if it makes you feel any better, when people ask me my favorite color, I tell them I don’t have one! I have favorite colors for different categories, so I may start using your rainbow response….plus black and white! Rainbow and black and white LOL!! Xo, Jaime Sunflowers and Stilettos

  • Marie Ernst/ 23.04.2017Reply

    OMG love them! You look like such a colorful person full of life!

  • Adaleta Avdic/ 24.04.2017Reply

    This is such a fun pop of color, and I just LOVE these pants. I need more color like this in my wardrobe! xx

  • Sara/ 24.04.2017Reply

    Oh my gosh I need to get these pants ASAP! I seriously love them! And your white top with the flutter sleeves is the perfect touch!

    xo, Sara

  • Courtney Bentley/ 25.04.2017Reply

    Look at you! you look so awesome in your fave colored pants! seriously though that bottom of yours is so so legit!

  • Jessica/ 26.04.2017Reply

    Those pants are so fun! I wish I had a pair for my trip to New Orleans!
    xo Jessica

  • Ashley Zeal/ 26.04.2017Reply

    Wow! These pants are amazing!!!

  • Sydney/ 26.04.2017Reply

    I don’t think there is anything that can put a smile on someones face like rainbow pants! How fun

  • Diana/ 26.04.2017Reply

    Super fun and they fit you so well. Oh the fun and silly adventures you can have in them.
    Bermuda would be a great place to show them off. !

  • Rita/ 26.04.2017Reply

    Those pants are so much fun. Love how you styled it. Beautiful pictures.
    Rita |

  • Maggie/ 27.04.2017Reply

    Ahh I love how fun these pants are!!

  • Maggie/ 27.04.2017Reply

    Those are so fun!! I am loving this colorful print of hers!

  • Maggie/ 27.04.2017Reply

    I am loving this colorful print of hers! So fun!

  • Greta/ 28.04.2017Reply

    These pants are SO CUTE! I want to wear them all summer long!

    Greta |

  • Nicole Leffew/ 28.04.2017Reply

    Rainbow is totally a color! Loving this Mara Hoffman pants, girl you’re rocking them! I love Storets too! I need to order some stuff from them. Have a good weekend babe! xo

  • Whitney/ 28.04.2017Reply

    Wow these pants are so adorable!!! You look amazing in them. Color makes everything better!

  • Annie/ 30.04.2017Reply

    I am in love with these pants! So fun and colorful!

  • Sara/ 01.05.2017Reply

    These pants are SO fun and you are gorgeous babe! Rocking them,



  • Tristan Dennington/ 01.05.2017Reply

    Okay, need these pants in my life! LOVE the vibrant colors!


  • Nicole/ 04.05.2017Reply

    These pants make me so happy! They look soooo comfy & I would totally take them to the beach with me.

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