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Preventative Botox with Allen Gabriel MD

Three cheers for botox! Getting preventative botox with Allen Gabriel MD is my new favorite beauty hack. I have received two preventative botox treatments with Allen Gabriel MD team member Maci. I also received an incredibly hydrating and skin-clearing HyrdaFacial from Audrey earlier this year! In this post I’m talking about my experience getting botox and I will be serving some honest truth tea on the effects of botox.

My 28th birthday is coming up soon so I need to start paying close attention to my skin as my body and hormones change. As we get older we lose elasticity and collagen in our skin. That means as we age, and as our faces make repetitive motions, wrinkles start to appear. This is why preventative botox is important. Botox is used to retrain facial muscles to relax and not overwork themselves. It also improves facial posture, which can cause wrinkles. People develop wrinkles because, over time, skin weakens and can’t effectively bounce back from the folding caused by laughing, smiling, frowning, and all the other motions your face makes on a regular basis.

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10 Ways To Improve Skin WITHOUT Products

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my 10 tips on how to improve skin without products. It’s all very easy to follow – I’m just talking about making small adjustments to your everyday life. Some of these tips will blow your mind, and some you have probably thought of but most likely never have implemented. Skincare is all about prevention and having a simple routine makes things easier. You can easily prevent aging and unwanted wrinkles by practicing these 10 tips.

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My Favorite Skincare Products and Brands for Clearer Skin

I am sharing my favorite skincare products and brands for clearer skin! I want to open up about my skincare journey and talk about the products that I have been using and loving. There is Dermalogica, Murad, and Thayers to name a few!

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Pink Inspired Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget the chocolates and sweets – try giving the gift of perfect skin for this holiday of love. With serums and face masks we all deserve to be pampered every day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day!

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10 Products That Will Transport You to a Tropical Island this Winter

Can’t afford a Caribbean vacation? No problem! I am sharing my 10 favorite products that will transport you to a tropical island this winter. Bring island time right into your bathroom!

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How to Achieve Youthful Eyes with Clarins

Introducing you to an innovative, all-in-one anti-aging eye cream that targets the entire eye zone—temple to temple! The Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate is a plant-powered, sulfate-free formula.

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