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How I Am Staying Motivated After Getting Laid Off

Last week I received the unfortunate news that I was laid off at my day job where I worked remotely as a Social Media Manager. My first reaction was to cry, obviously, but after further contemplation I saw it as a new opportunity knocking at the door.

I have been a student of social media since the first social platforms were released. I studied Public Relations at Boston University where I learned how to successfully navigate various campaigns for many different companies. I have 5 years worth of experience negotiating contracts, executing creative campaigns, and creating ad-driven lead generation. I know being laid off doesn’t reflect on my performance or personal character, but it did hit me like a bag of bricks. It was unexpected (thanks North Carolina for being an at-will state – meaning you can get laid off on the spot with no rhyme or reason).

Getting laid off really sucks because there are so many variables to consider. It can put you in a really weird head space that is hard to bounce back from. I think the most important thing is to not catastrophize the event. Make a plan, get organized, and get back into the job hunt. It honestly could all be a blessing in disguise, which is how I am treating this situation for myself. The crazy thing is that my initial reaction wasn’t to start worrying about how I would pay my bills or rent, but instead I felt empowered to dive into something that I have been wanting to pursue for a while. I was able to stay motivated after getting laid off because I had bigger dreams to chase.

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