Personal Shopper

Having a personal shopper has never been easier.



I have been entertaining the idea of being a personal shopper for a while, and I am so excited to finally get this endeavor launched. I know how time consuming hunting down the latest trends and styles can be, but luckily for me as a fashion blogger I have access to hundreds of tools that make shopping easier. With no charge to you, yes that means FREE, I will happily consult you and help you find multiple styles at many different price points.

Why be a personal shopper?

Just pure joy! I love helping women and men achieve their personal best, and be it through style or inspiration I want to help you become your best self. This personal shopper service is free of cost to you because if you make a purchase I make a commission that is completely unrelated to your transaction. This service is powered through Affiliate Links.

What do you need to get started?

Drop me a message in the contact form below. Say something along the lines of: “I’m looking to invest in a designer bag in this range $x – $y, can you send some styles my way?” or “I have a cocktail party to go to and I need a dress under $50! Hopefully somewhere is having a great sale!” or “I really want to try some over-the-knee boots this fall, can you send me some styles I can check out?” My personal shopper service can help with everything and anything from clothing, to shoes, to bags, to beauty to home decor, and more!

What will you get?

I will send you a widget, as seen below, with up to 20 shoppable links. Simply click the link or item image and there you go! Happy shopping!

“Hey Taylor, can you help me find some designer sunglasses under $100?”

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Disclaimer: Stop, Drop & Vogue contains affiliate links, which means SD&V may receive compensation if you make a purchase using a direct link.