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Stop, Drop & Vogue | the pierre hotel rotunda room
the pierre hotel rotunda room
the pierre hotel rotunda room
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An Evening at The Pierre Hotel

An Evening at The Pierre Hotel

the pierre hotel rotunda room

At the height of opulence stands The Pierre. Complete and utter lavishness is what one can expect from this historic hotel on the famous 5th Avenue, which is just a stone’s throw away from Bergdorf Goodman. The Pierre has been open since the 1930’s, and while its main function is a hotel it is also a residence to elite New Yorkers such as Tory Burch. During my trip to New York Fashion Week I had the opportunity to meet with the Executive Chef of The Pierre, Ashfer Biju, and dine at the newly renovated restaurant in the Rotunda. Celebrity treatment is an understatement, as I was in for one of the most decadent dining experiences of my life!

the pierre hotel rotunda roomthe pierre hotel rotunda roomimg_0708

The evening started when I strolled into The Pierre hotel for an early dinner at 5pm. My heart swooned over the checkered tiled floors, which I have become a huge fan of after visiting The Duke Mansion in Charlotte. Right around the corner from the 5th Ave entrance is the Perrine restaurant located in the beautiful Rotunda room. Once I got myself situated, I met up with the Director of Marketing, Meredith, and Chef Ashfer. The waiter pulled up a drink cart, complete with crystal decanters of every liqueur, and asked me what I would like to drink. He mentioned they are known for their Manhattans. I don’t normally drink hard alcohol, but I figured I rarely get the opportunity to drink a Manhattan in Manhattan, so why not! You know what they say, “When in Rome.”

I love getting to know strangers, especially two people who live a vastly interesting life. Working at a Taj Hotel in one of the world’s most booming cities is not on most people’s resumes. Getting to sit down and pick the brains of these two individuals was such an enlightening experience. We talked about travel, getting lost in NYC (apparently even true New Yorkers get lost also!), and most importantly food. I made the joke of seeing turmeric everywhere on every blog and how it seems like it is the new kale. Ashfer laughed and told me that he was on a TV show morning segment where the reporter asked him what food would be the new kale. He said he paused for a second and really had to think about it, then with confidence said, “turmeric.”

Low and behold, 2 years after that interview turmeric is clearly the new kale. Chef Ashfer is from the south of India and he told me that in Indian tradition, two days before a wedding the women spread a turmeric paste over the bride and let it soak into her skin. The next day it looks like she has jaundice, but on the wedding day she is radiant and glowing. I told Ashfer and Meredith they need to offer a turmeric special at The Pierre, a turmeric smoothie or tea to start your day, a full-body turmeric mask at the spa, and a delicious Indian dish with turmeric flavoring and coloring for dinner. They responded, “We need to charge you a consulting fee!”

the pierre hotel rotunda room the pierre hotel rotunda room the pierre hotel rotunda room the pierre hotel rotunda room the pierre hotel rotunda room

While we were chatting away, the courses started coming out. It wasn’t a traditional “course meal,” but I will treat it as one since we had so many delicious plates brought out to us. First was one of my favorites of the night, a creative and delightful take on the NYC bagel. It was bagel chips with a side of creamy lox. The lox (a salmon spread) was so rich in flavor and the fact that it was served cold made it the perfect contrast to the crunchiness of the bagel. Think of your favorite bagel and cream cheese and multiply that by 1000% and here you have it. I love when restaurants can take a local foodie item and turn it into something of their own. Chef Ashfer knocked it out of the park with this one!

Next up was a lentil salad with fried eggplant on top, then a beautiful take on avocado toast topped with delicious shrimp and greens. Next up was a colorful zucchini and dill flatbread. The waiter brought out a delicious salad, which was my second favorite plate of the night. This seared tuna salad with kale, barley, pomegranate seeds, and topped with a poached egg was to die for. I already can’t wait to plan my trip back to NYC just so I can eat this meal again! The texture of this salad was beyond compare and the piquant flavors of freshly dressed vegetables, the tender tuna meat and the broken, yolky egg paired perfectly together. I think we can all agree that we strive to eat salads with substance; that being said this salad would make the perfect stand-alone meal.

the pierre hotel rotunda roomthe pierre hotel rotunda roomthe pierre hotel rotunda roomthe pierre hotel rotunda roomthe pierre hotel rotunda room

For dinner we had the best lamb chops I have ever had in my life, a skillet of mixed vegetables, sweet carrots, and the entrée, which Chef Ashfer told me he was known for. Keep in mind, this is coming from a New England girl whose taste buds explode over anything that comes from the sea. The crunchy, deliciousness of the black sea bass was beyond compare. I can still taste the buttery crunch of the perfectly cooked fillet in my mouth. The combination of warm salmon topped with a tomato melange was a powerful play of flavors, and the seafood broth in which the salmon lay was the perfect amount of savory. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be Ashfer’s sea bass. You can even see from the picture how appetizing it looks!

Although my clothes were bursting at the seams, I still managed room for dessert. If you were in such a fabulous room where the center table was like a Candy Land board game come to life, you would have room too, trust me! There were chocolate cakes, pastries, bundt cakes, strawberry shortcakes, pineapple upside down cakes, macarons, powdered sugar cookies and more! Dessert was a treat to say the least!

img_0712 img_0711 img_0714

My favorite thing about The Pierre hotel’s Rotunda room is its abundance of affluence. There are hand-painted murals, arched staircases, a low-lit ambiance, colors of chartreuse, baby blue and gold, along with the incredible cloud-filled ceiling with gentle lights beaming down. The walls are lined with candelabra lamps that gave off the impression of candlelight, adding to the romantic and ornate atmosphere of the room. On the murals live Renaissance-style imagery of  mythological characters such a Poseidon, cherubs and Adam and Eve. There are also many different people painted on the walls who watch carefully as you dine – as if another pair of eyes were on you besides your attentive and hospitable waiter.

img_0724 the pierre hotel rotunda room

I was lucky enough to take a tour of the space where The Pierre holds its weddings, galas and charity events. The team does a wonderful job at transforming the venue into whatever one imagines for their event. I love The Pierre’s Instagram account and following along the gorgeous weddings that go on there. It truly looks like something out of a storybook. And to have a reception in the Rotunda room, it’s the perfect fairy tale ending! I’d like to send a special thank you to Chef Ashfer and Meredith for making this an incredible evening of fun! Thank you to the entire The Pierre hotel for having me!


Tell me in the comments below, which dish looks the best to you?


  • Christina/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Everything was to die for! Such a stunning hotel – and what a magical setting to have a meal. Everything was perfection but I’m still dreaming about that sea bass! Bravo Ashfer!!!

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      I think we should put in a reservation on when to go back 😉

  • Danielle Novak/ 28.09.2016Reply

    This is a fabulous post. The world is your oyster.

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Danielle, you are so sweet!

  • Jessica/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Looks like you had an amazing time1 I love the Pierre Hotel – it is gorgeous!
    xo Jessica

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Isn’t it just such a quintessential NYC experience? I can’t wait to go back.

  • Kristin/ 28.09.2016Reply

    What an incredible experience! The food all looked AMAZING and the ambiance looked stunning. Love that you got to enjoy this 1-on-1 time! So fun!


    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Kristin! I absolutely loved every minute of that evening!

  • Amber/ 28.09.2016Reply

    OMG this looks like a dream! So whimsical. I will seriously make to go there when I’m in NY. Sounds like you had a really fun trip.


    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Whimsical is the perfect word to describe this space. I highly recommend it and definitely get the tuna salad if you’re a fan! The price points are very reasonable for such a high class dining room.

  • Nicole Leffew/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Everything looks so good! What a gorgeous hotel! We have to go back here! Xo

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Yes we doooo. It would be the perfect spot for a photo shoot too. So fabulous!

  • Alicia/ 28.09.2016Reply

    That hotel and the food looks amazing!! It seems like you had a great time.

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      It was such a fabulous evening, I feel so blessed!

  • Naomi/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Wow, this looks amazing! I love your blog!!!

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Naomi!

  • Alexis/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Oh WOW!!!! What a stunning hotel! The food, the ballroom, the decor- this just looks incredible. What a fun experience 🙂

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      I say we all move in! We can be neighbors with Tory Burch 😛

  • toby/ 28.09.2016Reply

    this sounds like an episode of a audrey hephurn movie! so chic and luxurious x

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Toby, it really was such a special night!

  • rachel moore/ 28.09.2016Reply

    what a GORGEOUS hotel. and that food all looks so amazing. what a beautiful place for a wedding. maybe when renew my vows 🙂

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Right?! You need to see the pictures from a wedding there, it looks like a magical palace!

  • Emily/ 28.09.2016Reply

    wow, it looks and seems as though you had an incredible meal and experience! While reading this post I really felt as though I was there experiencing it for myself! Great job, I would love to get your take on more restaurants and hotels
    Next time I’m in NYC I’ll HAVE to try this

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Emily! You definitely need to make it to The Pierre for dinner or a drink in the Rotunda, you won’t regret it!

  • Jenna/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Twins with our posts that make people hungry today haha! Looks like everything was an incredible eperience!

    Jenna from

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      I loved your post, football and tacos? YUM!

  • Lauren/ 28.09.2016Reply

    The hotel looks gorgeous! The food looks delish!

    Fizz and Frosting

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Lauren! I had such a great time 🙂

  • Diana/ 28.09.2016Reply

    A Manhattan while in Manhattan?? Yes, I’ll take two please.
    What a lovely article, The descriptions and photos go together so nicely. I know just what to expect when I arrive there. I really love the murals on the walls, the architecture and the history of the building. The decadence of the room coupled with the artistic presentation of the food makes The Pierre a must visit during my next trip to NYC. I always stop by BG to see their windows, now I have a special place to visit for lunch or dinner that is close by.
    I will choose the cocktails and dessert as my favorite options, but will look forward to whatever their seasonal delight is when I am there.

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Thank you for your lovely comment Diana, I an grantee you will love The Pierre and its hospitable staff. The Pierre is a MUST visit while in New York, just like visiting BG like you mentioned. Isn’t that table full of wine and sweets the ultimate dream?! I thought so too 😛

  • monic/ 28.09.2016Reply

    what a chic hotel!

    Simply Sutter

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      It truly is!

  • Tamara/ 28.09.2016Reply

    Looks like such a nice evening! The hotel is so gorgeous!


    Tamara –

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      It has the perfect atmosphere of New York City!

  • Mary/ 28.09.2016Reply

    wow this looks like an amazing experience, and the food and hotel setting both look divine!

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      It really was! You should go some time 🙂

  • Kristina/ 28.09.2016Reply

    I’m drooling over here- all of this food looks amazing!! I love a good sea bass and I’m sure it was amazing- pretty hotel too!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Same here! Sea bass is one of my favorite things to order at restaurants. The hotel is so gorgeous these pictures don’t do it justice!

  • Alex/ 28.09.2016Reply

    What a stunning space!

    • tayloraube/ 28.09.2016Reply

      Isn’t it beautiful?

  • Jess/ 28.09.2016Reply

    What a seriously awesome experience! Everything looks and sounds so delicious.


    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      It was soooo yummy!!

  • Nina/ 29.09.2016Reply

    What a beautiful evening! And now I’m hungry after all those great food photos!

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      I’m glad I made you hungry, that must mean the post was a success!

  • sarah lindner/ 29.09.2016Reply

    wow this looks like an amazing experience and the food looks lovely!

    Sarah Lindner

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      Lovely is a great word to describe the food and experience!

  • Amy/ 29.09.2016Reply

    Sounds like such a great place to stay! I’ll definitely have to check it out!


    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      You definitely should Amy!

  • Jessica/ 29.09.2016Reply

    This hotel looks gorgeous! I would definitely say the dessert would likely be my favorite but all the food looks amazing!

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      It all was so delicious!! The cakes were so rich an flavorful too.

  • Amanda/ 29.09.2016Reply

    It looks like you had an a-ma-zing time! The food and hotel look beautiful.

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      We need to go here next year, I’m already planning something in my head 😛

  • Anna/ 29.09.2016Reply

    Love this post and how you described everything, I really felt like I was there with you! Everything sounded amazing and seemed like such an awesome experience. XO ~Anna

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Anna!

  • Roselyn/ 29.09.2016Reply

    These photos are so perfect!!! What a great posr but now I’m feeling really sad about my boy so fabulous lunch!! Lol
    Xo, Roselyn

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      If only Chef Ashfer could cook all of our meals. I think it’s time we move in with Tory Burch 😛

  • Roselyn/ 29.09.2016Reply

    I meant not so fabulous lunch* dang autocorrect!!

    • tayloraube/ 29.09.2016Reply

      You could always hop on a plane for lunch at the Pierre, haha jk – but wouldn’t that be so fabulous?! Gossip Girl status that’s for sure 😛

  • Ruthie/ 30.09.2016Reply

    This hotel is like no other! Love the architecture and art. Love all the details in every single room. And that menu is to die for! What an experience.

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Ruthie, it truly was a one-of-a-kind dining experience! I highly recommend it 🙂

  • Jami/ 04.10.2016Reply

    What a gorgeous place to get away! So jealous!!

    • tayloraube/ 05.10.2016Reply

      It was so lovely!

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