Central Park in New York City

Thursday in the Park

I’m going to try and keep a New York Fashion Week diary and keep y’all updated with what I’m doing, where I’m eating and sights I’m seeing. Yesterday I arrived and it was an EXHAUSTING day. My flight left at 6am and my day ended at 3am. I went to a Tumblr NYFW event and saw my favorite Tumblrers (lol I think I just made that word up) thestylingbook, kmitt, ryan etc. Before the event I walked around Central Park just to soak in the city and get used to taking public transportation again. I took the subway in the wrong direction twice and I’m kicking myself for it. I don’t have time to keep making those mistakes hahaha! Although I consider myself a city girl, and no matter how well you know New York, I feel like people still mess up so I can’t be too hard on myself for getting lost.

While I was walking around Central Park I got amazing news that I will be shooting backstage and runway at Prabal Gurung! I was so happy I was twirling my umbrella around like a mad woman. Going to NYFW is intimidating enough, but flying in with relativity no confirmations is even scarier. Sometimes brands don’t get back to you until the day before the show! I’m so happy to even have the opportunity to travel here and experience what we all love so much in person. Cheers to NYFW, Tumblr and FASHION!

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