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Taylor Aube is a fashion & lifestyle blogger, New York Fashion Week photographer, and a fashion writer discussing the fashion industry and runway trends.
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Light Spring Coats with Marks & Spencer

Light spring coats are such a chic way to amp up a springtime outfit. From bombers, to blazers to trenches - there are so many options to transition your wardrobe so it's ready for spring! In this blog post I've teamed up with Marks and Spencer & Shopping Links to share this fabulous outfit. My adorable trench coat and fun dress are both from Marks & Spencer. I love the navy blue color of this jacket because it's so easy to...

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How to Style Neutral Colors: Blush and Beige

The soft, neutral colors of blush and beige pair perfectly together. We often here the term "neutral colors," but what exactly does that term mean? In fashion, neutral colors include hues like beige, black, gray, brown, ivory, taupe and white. Neutral usually means "without color," and specifically highlights the colors you don't find on a color wheel. These neutral, earthy hues can be mixed with the slightest amount of vibrant color, to create faint undertones...

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Gorjana – Stacked Rings

Gorjana is a lightweight jewelry company that will help you achieve the perfect effortless layered jewelry look. After all, the jewelry is intentionally designed to be layered and worn multiple ways. Stacking rings is such a pretty way to add minimal details to your outfit. My favorite things about stacked jewelry are that you can just throw it on as you go, mix and match different styles, or go heavy on one hand and bare...

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Banana Republic Bow Blouse and Flounce Skirt

The classic button down and a flirty skirt - in this post these two wardrobe staples are brought to life, with a little flare of course. Add a bow and some flounce and you have these perfect pieces by Banana Republic. Seriously, this brand can do no wrong in my eyes.  I can wear this blouse to work and furthermore, it is even chic enough to wear to an event like New York Fashion Week. It surely...

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Dagne Dover Organization

Girl Boss Tips with Dagne Dover

I write this post as I am recuperating from one. crazy. work. week. Keeping up with a blog on top of working 40 hours a week is extremely difficult, but as fashion and photography are a few of my favorite hobbies I always make time for my creative outlet! By day I work as an Executive Administrative Assistant at a Medicaid program, and by night I am generally in a pajama shirt, sans pants, on my...

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Boho Romper

Lacey details, flowing sleeves and platform shoes. I have always been a fan boho-inspired clothing so in this styled shoot I wanted to highlight my inner 70's flower child. Speaking of the 70's and all it's glorious peace, love and happiness - another one of my favorite aspects from this era is the Age of Aquarius mindset. Although my astrological sign can't claim the title of that equally amazing song, I really can't deny that I...

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Wild West

The American Frontier is home to a rich history of cowboys, horses, gold mining, saloons and showdowns. This history came to life in my recent photo shoot in Heber City, Utah where there is a replica city built that looks exactly like a small town in the wild west. All of these rustic buildings are fully-functional shops ranging from antique stores, to fine dining, to a pet washing store. In my case I used this area to...

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‘Red’ Head

  Growing up I never thought red was my 'color.' But, if you've been following the last few of my posts it's clear that this season I've been fond of it. From a scarlet ball gown to my favorite Citizens of Humanity cords, I love the multiple shades of this vibrant color. This post features a striped tunic, buckled booties, and a sweater dress in the hues of rust, merlot and fire-engine red. I have also been growing...

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Plaid Blanket Scarf

If there is one thing I'm loving this Fall/Winter season it's my plaid blanket scarf, but I must admit the 70 degree warm weather in late December is pretty nice too. As a Boston native I loved having white Christmases and then hitting the slopes in Maine for New Years Eve. The bright side of the warm weather is not having to batten down the hatches for Nor'easters and the fact that I can...

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Lady in Red

I had an amazing time shooting with my friends Jenny and Miriam over at The Sassy Classy. Their blog keeps up with the latest trends and highlights local friends and talents who love fashion.  Moving to Fayetteville has been such a rewarding experience. Finding passionate and professional women during my journey as a military "wife" has been fulfilling to me. Moving to a place where you know absolutely no one is very difficult, but finding women who inspire you...

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The Mini and Tiny Tote by Dagne Dover

DAGNE DOVER MINI TOTE As organizational skills are one of my best features, the pockets and pouches in this Dagne Dover Mini Tote makes the Virgo in me quite content. Being a neat-freak is one of those astrologicalattributes I’m grateful for. It is hard to explain, but I am overwhelmed with joy when I get to put things properly in their place. That being said, I love a bag that fits everything I need for a long journée. Here we have the “mini-tote”...

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Brick in the Wall

After 8 years of home-dyed hair I am finally growing out my natural hair color, strawberry blonde. Since 8th grade I’ve always had crazy long hair so spending $250 on dying my whole head 5 shades lighter was out of the question. I settled with $12 box dye. Since I never put heat on my hair or rarely use styling products, I figured box dye once a year wouldn’t...

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Wolford Tights

“The women’s legs are compasses spanning the globe in all directions, giving it balance and harmony.“ -Francois Truffaut Some say fall fashion starts with breaking out your comfy sweaters and sipping on some pumpkin spice lattes. Well, I say autumn starts when it’s time to start wearing tights. Adding an extra layer of warmth, tights can easily take the place of fading tans while providing comfort and effortless style. Just like bobby pins and...

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Yumi Kim Flower Power

My weekly trip to the farmer’s market just got a whole lot more glamorous - as if southern twangs and pecan brittle wasn’t fashionable enough. Posies of sunny marigolds, pastel petunias, and deep purple caladiums lit up the background, highlighting my gorgeous Yumi Kim dress. The variety of fresh flowers got me thinking about ideas for potted plants to line my back porch. I’ve always wanted a...

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Pink Lady

I love the vintage feel of these photos, which were taken by my friend Amy. Although I don’t live in a big, fashionable city, it is so nice to discover new people with similar interests and to make the most out of where you live! I know the majority of my followers don’t live in NYC or Paris, so I hope you see my blog as a...

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Playing in PIOL

This dress is what dreams of made of. Seriously. Who wants the perfect go-to dress that flawlessly matches your measurements and is one of a kind? Speaking for the majority, I will say most people do. PIOL dresses are custom made for all of their clients. Entering your measurements such as height, bust, hips and waist, you can create the dress you were born to wear. Mine compliments every curve, drapes its A-line shape...

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These boots are made for walking’

  Colorful leaves, crisp air and warm drinks - the things we all know so well describe one of the most beautiful seasons. Autumn has officially embraced the South and I’m thankful for the temperature drops and lack of dense humidity, along with the welcoming of my favorite season! Since farming is so big in this state there are pumpkin patches galore and acres of orchards with over one hundred...

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Dagne Dover Mini Tote

After showing my friend some pictures of me in my latest shoot, she told me I look like Betty Drapper. I just started watching Mad Men so I really like that compliment (I’m only on season three, so no spoilers please). The costumes in that show are amazing and the 60′s style midi skirts and blouses are adorable. It’s no wonder designers always try to reinvent those vintage styles. I can’t really explain it, but...

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