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Pink Leather Jacket

Hello everyone! I am SO sorry that I have been totally MIA for about a week. I am still working out some technical kinks on my blog, as well as some other projects that are keeping me busy. As you know I have started a new job that I’m totally loving! It is demanding, but …

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Taylor in Wonderland

Whimsical, pastel & floral – did you expect anything less from me? For being the least girly-girl person I know, for some reason I am so attracted to all things ethereal.

I love fantasies, romance and made-up stories, but I rarely wear makeup. When I eat I get food all over my face …

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Think Pink!

Recently I have faced the many dilemmas of adulthood. From what I’ve learned so far, what many like to call “adulting,” is no easy feat. It’s crazy to me that all you learn in high school and college is rarely applicable to real life, especially adulthood. School teaches you to be book smart, but it’s …

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Pink Lady

tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo1_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo2_r1_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo3_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo4_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo5_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo6_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo7_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo8_r1_1280 tumblr_nnjqldoxws1qg3ttqo9_1280

I love the vintage feel of these photos, which were taken by my friend Amy. Although I don’t live in a big, fashionable city, it is so nice to discover new people with similar interests and to make the most out of where …

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