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Holiday Style: The Little Black Dress

I can honestly say that I am FINALLY in the Christmas spirit! 🙂 I don’t know why, but in early December I just don’t feel it. I think once Scott and I hung our Christmas decor up around the house and finally got our tree, it settled in. I love the ambiance of listening to …

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Five Fabulous Steps to Achieve the Perfect Holiday Style

The holiday season is almost upon us and I could not be more excited! One of my favorite things about the holidays is dressing up for a special evening with my family. As a little girl my mother always made it a point to dress me up every holiday in a cute little dress. I …

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Playing in PIOL

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This dress is what dreams of made of. Seriously. Who wants the perfect go-to dress that flawlessly matches your measurements and is one of a kind? Speaking for the majority, I will say most people do. PIOL dresses are custom made for all of …

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