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Taylor Aube is a fashion & lifestyle blogger, New York Fashion Week photographer, and a fashion writer discussing the fashion industry and runway trends.
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Spring Beauty Favorites

All of the spring feels have finally hit! The air is so fresh, the flowers and trees are blooming, and the warm weather has arrived. I love the change of seasons and with spring literally right around the corner, it's time to introduce my favorite spring beauty products! As mentioned in my post about my favorite winter beauty products, it's always important to switch up your routine with each season. Skin reacts differently to various...

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My Favorite Winter Beauty Products

Sorry for the mumbo jumbo up there, I'm working on it! (aka someone who is good with computers is working on it for me!) Each and every season calls for different beauty products. Just like summer has sunscreen and heat protection, winter has an beauty entire routine of its own. With the cold and harsh winter chill, your hair and skin need products that they can rely on. From darker shades of makeup, to strengthening your skin and...

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Holiday Stocking Stuffers: Malie Organics

As Christmas is just around the corner, I want to get my readers prepared for their shopping extravaganzas! Forget the cold and the long, crowded lines - why not make things as easy as lying on a beach in Hawaii? Perhaps actually getting to Hawaii might pose as a challenge, but with the help of online shopping and the delightfully aromatic scents from Malie Organics, holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier! This holiday...

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Stemology Skincare Review

Combining the ideas of technology and health,  Stemology Skincare is a groundbreaking brand that uses stem cells in its products. Stemology is the first and only brand to bring together both human and plant stem cell technologies. My favorite part about this brand is not only its intriguing technology, but more importantly its transparency. Everything you need to know about the brand and its products is on the Stemology Skincare website.  I have tested out 4 wonderful...

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Feeling Fresh with Clinique

There is nothing as refreshing as the cold air of the mountains. During my trip to Utah I snowboarded at some of the biggest resorts in the country - sometimes at an elevation of 11,000 feet above sea level. At higher altitudes your skin's moisture evaporates faster and your face becomes easily irritated. When you are riding down a mountain as fast as you can, your skin gets dry and you can often get windburn. During spring skiing it...

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Clinique: Spring Cleaning

I’d like to start off this post with a piece of refreshing news: the first day of the spring equinox is in four days!! If that’s not a light at the end of the tunnel, I don’t know what is. With each new season comes new beauty products, so it’s that time of year to retire your heavy creams and thick face washes and time to bust out your lightweight and hydrating facial products....

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