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Simply. Sophisticated. Summer.

One of the most difficult things I face is maintaining a stylish work wardrobe. I always drift towards stand-out pieces like these rainbow pants or a pink leather jacket. Yes, my style can get just a little extra. Through my corporate experience (all 2 years, lol) I have found some brands that make looking stylish for work as simple as putting on the clothes. One of my favorite workwear brands is Banana Republic. Their style is so sophisticated and I can easily be wearing 3 Banana pieces in one outfit on any given day of the week. My Banana collection keeps growing, but hey I can’t complain!

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Pink Lady

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I love the vintage feel of these photos, which were taken by my friend Amy. Although I don’t live in a big, fashionable city, it is so nice to discover new people with similar interests and to make the most out of where …

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