Yumi Kim Flower Power

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My weekly trip to the farmer’s market just got a whole lot more glamorous – as if southern twangs and pecan brittle wasn’t fashionable enough. Posies of sunny marigolds, pastel petunias, and deep purple caladiums lit up the background, highlighting my gorgeous Yumi Kim dress. The variety of fresh flowers got me thinking about ideas for potted plants to line my back porch. I’ve always wanted a huge garden, so running around one in a pretty dress definitely got me brainstorming. I didn’t leave this photo shoot empty handed! I returned home with a basket full of my favorite produce and a bouquet of sunflowers.

New York City based* designer Yumi Kim has every spring floral a girl can dream of. With shades that compliment any skin tone, Yumi Kim creates the perfect summer go-to outfit for any event such as a wedding, date night, or just to show the rest of the world how colorful you really are. The bright colors of my dress and its intricate floral detail contrasted the backdrop of the flower market perfectly. I felt like a bloom in Alice in Wonderland – I was part of this enormous garden, twirling and posing in my bright-orange frock. If you want to get inspired by spring, I suggest going to the Yumi Kim website and browsing through the “Shop By Print” option. Here you will see all of the magical shapes and shades of the YK brand. With almost 30 different patterns, you can shop for prints such as ‘Peach Flower,’ ‘Vermillion Bloom’ or  ‘Caribbean Paradise.’

This print comes in seven different variations, including a halter top maxi dress and a romper. Yumi Kim has hundreds of designs and patterns that are sure to give your spring and summer the perfect amount of pop. Coinciding with her her ultra-girly and feminine aesthetic, Yumi Kim also carries adorable pajamas and work-appropriate designs. I already have my eye out for a new YK romper! When it comes to fashion, spring is my choice of season. I love the patterns and silhouettes, but most importantly the colors. With a wide variety of the three, Yumi Kim is sure to make all of your garden party dreams come true!

*If you live in NYC, there is currently a sample sale going on! Head to Yumi Kim’s Instagram to find out more details!

Dress: Yumi Kim Happy Hour Dress in Bohemian Memior, Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Bracelets: Alex & Ani, Flats: Chocolat Blu (similar). Thank you to Yumi Kim for sponsoring this post!


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