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Stop, Drop & Vogue | Playing in PIOL
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Playing in PIOL

Playing in PIOL

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This dress is what dreams of made of. Seriously. Who wants the perfect go-to dress that flawlessly matches your measurements and is one of a kind? Speaking for the majority, I will say most people do. PIOL dresses are custom made for all of their clients. Entering your measurements such as height, bust, hips and waist, you can create the dress you were born to wear. Mine compliments every curve, drapes its A-line shape magnificently, and hugs my waistline in the most flirtatious way.

When I wear this dress, I feel like a Disney Princess. When I spin, the wind finesses it in the air like little birds are picking it up while floating around me. I love grabbing the ends of the dress and swinging them back and forth like I’m about to spontaneously burst out in song and dance.  I’d say I’m a mix between Cinderella and Snow White – not only because my skin is white as snow, but also because I am a day-dreamer in a couture dress. I could not be more impressed by my friends at PIOL for producing this gorgeous piece. I have never felt more confident in a dress as I am in this one.


But wait, here’s the best part: when designing your dress, the first few questions asked are to determine your “color aura.” This means you put the color of your eyes, hair and skin to find out what shades look best on you. Since I am growing out my natural hair I put: light red hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Out of the lovely colors that I was paired up with, I thought the most excellent hue was cinnamon; a color lacking in my wardrobe. I love PIOL’s design process because I get to be a part of it. I never stop to think if a certain color would flatter my features, I only consider my body type. Even better – PIOL also suggests certain cuts for any body shape.

A unique bespoke dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe. From fashion shows, date night, to a formal event – I know my PIOL dress will always be my go-to option. Knowing that it fits me in all the right places makes me feel self-assured and radiant. The website is entertaining, interactive and I could spend countless hours designing my own custom dresses for fun. Go check out their website!  And tell me, what is your color aura?

Thank you PIOL for sponsoring this post!


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