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Stop, Drop & Vogue | neutrals blush and beige
neutrals blush and beige
neutrals blush and beige
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How to Style Neutral Colors: Blush and Beige

How to Style Neutral Colors: Blush and Beige

Style Neutral Colors

The soft, neutral colors of blush and beige pair perfectly together. We often here the term “neutral colors,” but what exactly does that term mean? In fashion, neutral colors include hues like beige, black, gray, brown, ivory, taupe and white. Neutral usually means “without color,” and specifically highlights the colors you don’t find on a color wheel. These neutral, earthy hues can be mixed with the slightest amount of vibrant color, to create faint undertones of navy blue, dusty pink, charcoal gray and muted yellow.

Furthermore, in color theory, a tint is the mixture of a color with white, which increases lightness, and a shade is the mixture of a color with black, which reduces lightness. A tone is produced either by the mixture of a color with gray, or by both tinting and shading. There really is a method to this color-mixing madness and below I will explain my insanity a little more!

When styling neutral colors, they can be paired with similar, light hues such as white and beige or beige and taupe, or contrasted with a light tint and dark shade such as brown and beige or grey and black. As a fashion lover, style blogger and sartorial mixologist, it is fun to try pairing colors together to see what looks good. One of my favorite flawless looks is the beige, tape, and ivory combination. A camel jacket, a tan sweater and some white denim will always be so timeless to me.

I styled this blush and beige outfit by pairing this soft and slouchy knit sweater with my new favorite blush wide leg pants, which are only $20! I layered on some of my stackable Gorjana rings and paired my jewels with one of my favorite Madewell necklaces that I’ve had for years. For a contrast of materials I styled this look with my rose Gigi New York ‘Catie’ bag that I got at New York Fashion Week. Oh and yes, my initials do spell TEA 🙂 I can’t wait to style these pieces with other items in my wardrobe. In a perfect world I’d be shopping, styling and shooting all day! Oh a girl can dream…

Styling a neutral color palette is part of my new wardrobe revolution. This season I am trying to aim for a neutral palette and grow my collection from there, essentially everything will match! As I mentioned in my outfit post, Autumn Color: Camel and Maroon, I think the shades camel, maroon, dusty rose, nude and brown all mix perfectly. It is always fun to dive out a little bit and try other colors, but this season I’m trying to stay focused! I think one of my biggest fashion flaws is buying that one crazy stand-out item that will sit in my closet with the tag on for years. With a neutral colored-wardrobe, styling will never be an issue! I’m trying to start with the basics and work my way up.

Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite neutral color?

Style Neutral ColorsStyle Neutral ColorsStyle Neutral Colors Style Neutral ColorsStyle Neutral Colors Style Neutral Colors Style Neutral Colors Style Neutral Colors

Photography by LT Images. Shop my entire look:

  • Ashley DTKAustin/ 03.11.2016Reply

    Such a cozy sweater!! And those pants are beyond fabulous!!

    • tayloraube/ 03.11.2016Reply

      The pants are my favorite! The movement is so fun 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Whitney/ 03.11.2016Reply

    1. This outfit is simply stunning.
    2. This might be weird, but your photos are so pretty!! The lighting and editing are fantastic girl!

    • tayloraube/ 03.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much! I’m so lucky to work with such talented photographers 🙂

  • ruthie/ 03.11.2016Reply

    This color is by far my favorite this season…. I don’t own enough of it!! I LOVE your pants so much and I also need that sweater! Beautiful images!! XO

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Same here. Give me all of the blush and dusty rose!!!

  • Jessica Hart/ 03.11.2016Reply

    Blush and tan looks amazing together. I love the way a chunky casual sweater works so well with a feminine full pleated wide leg pants. Stunning!


    the way to my Hart

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      The pants and the colors really pull this outfit together I think. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

  • 03.11.2016Reply

    so pretty and looks comfy 🙂

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you! Much appreciated!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Terry 🙂 You are so kind! <3

  • Jenna at Boston Chic Party/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Gorgeous look, Taylor! You styled the neutral colors to perfection. Oh and I am pretty sure no one else can rock these pants like you 🙂
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thanks Jenna! These pants are for sure unique! They are so fun to shoot in because the movement is so graceful.

  • Greta/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Loving all these pretty pinks! You look gorgeous! I especially love that Gigi New York bag – I’ve had my eye on a few of them lately!

    Greta |

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Gigi bags are so cute! I love this shape and style with the signature snake skin texture and the clutches as well!

  • Mollie/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Styled to perfection. These neutrals are fab on you, blush is definitely your color!

    xx Mollie

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Mollie! I have had a total color crush on blush this season! It’s becoming my favorite.

  • Maggie/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Great tips! This outfit really is stunning.

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Maggie! It’s one of my favorites 🙂

  • Nina/ 04.11.2016Reply

    This look is so feminine and beautiful I love this color on you.

    xx Nina

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much!

  • Morgan/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Totally agree with your description of a neutral! I love faded colors!

    How 2 Wear It []

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Me tooo!!! I can’t get enough of an pastel. I think pink works perfectly for fall and winter!

  • Donna/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Ok!!!!!! SUCH A MODEL!!!! I’m so serious Tay you are such model status! I love all the blush hues in this awesome look. Have a beautiful weekend my love! XX, Donna

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Donna you are too kind! Thank you so much and have a great weekend 🙂

  • Jessica/ 04.11.2016Reply

    I love this entire outfit. I have been trying to incorporate blush and beige into every outfit. They are such great neutrals!
    xo Jessica

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Agreed! And feminine ones at that. I need more camel colored items in my wardrobe for sure. I’m trying to hit the entire spectrum!

  • Nicole/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Taylor, you look absolutely gorgeous! Love how your hair pops against that sweater!


    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Everyone keeps saying this and I didn’t realize it until it was mentioned. My hair is a casual accessory haha!

  • Stephanie/ 04.11.2016Reply

    You are stunning! I love this combo!

    XO – Stephanie

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thanks so much sweetie 🙂

  • Nataly/ 04.11.2016Reply

    I love the colors in the outfit! Those pants look great on you! xo

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thanks so much Nataly. I wore them to work and everyone love them haha! 😛

  • Meaghan/ 04.11.2016Reply

    So jealous that you can wear these colors! I look like I’m dying in these haha. They make you look skin look so bright and warm. I love that you’re still sticking with the color pallet you set out for yourself this season. You look lovely!

    Meaghan xx

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      I’m sure that’s not the case!!! I bet you would rock these colors. You can always add a darker shade via accessories!

  • Nicole Leffew/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Love this colors on you babe! What a great deal on those pants! I love all neutrals. That last picture is my favorite! Gorgeous xo

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      I know the pants were quite the steal! Uniqlo has great price points 🙂

  • Tiffani at Breton Bay/ 04.11.2016Reply

    I ADORE this look!! First I also love pairing “neutrals” together Secondly, the flow in those pant is perfect. And finally I love the look of two oversized pieces. So well done Taylor!!


    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      I agree these pants flow so gorgeously!! The movement is captured so well in pictures. Thanks so much for your compliments!

  • Heather/ 04.11.2016Reply

    These colors look SO good on you! I’m loving the neutrals!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thanks so much Heather!

  • Molly/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Girl thanks for sharing your tips! This outfit is sooo lovely! I am obsessed with blush tones lately!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Same here girlie! I love that it’s a great transition color too – perfect for fall/winter and spring/summer

  • Meggan/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Seriously my favorite colors ever! Love the oversized sweater!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      I could live in this sweater it’s so slouchy and comfy!!

  • Stephanie/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Omg this look is eveything! Love the sweater!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thanks love!

  • Jaime/ 04.11.2016Reply

    I am neutral obsessed and LOVE this color pairing!! That sweater looks so cozy!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Jamie!! I can’t wait to wear more neutrals this season! 🙂

  • Belle/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Love the pants and purse!

    One Awesome Momma

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Belle, my purse is my new favorite accessory!

  • The Golden Girl Diary/ 04.11.2016Reply

    The blush shades are absolutely gorgeous, just like yourself! I love this outfit and how you styled it.

    xo, Amanda |

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Amanda. I’m loving these pants and sweater so much!

  • Vanessa Espinoza/ 04.11.2016Reply

    You are gorgeous! That those colors bring out so much beauty!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      The lighting and the colors really did work well together. Thanks so much!

  • Jamie/ 04.11.2016Reply

    The photos are so beautiful! They capture your look so well!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Jamie!

  • Victoria/ 04.11.2016Reply

    I love this neutral look! The blush tones are so pretty, right down to the bag! Flowy and effortless!


    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      I’m having a lot of fun playing with blush tones this season – let me reiterate.. Neutrals are AMAZING!

  • January Hart/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Ok, those pants are crazy amazing on you!! LOVE this color palette!!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      January you are so kind, thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Emily/ 04.11.2016Reply

    This is a gorgeous look!! These colors look so fabulous with your hair!!

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Emily, what a sweet compliment!

  • Mindy/ 04.11.2016Reply

    Taylor! You look amazing! Love how you styled the neautrals in this look. Those pants look so comfy!
    <3, mindy

    • tayloraube/ 04.11.2016Reply

      These pants are SO comfy and are so fun to wear! Thanks so much Mindy 🙂

  • Shizuko/ 08.11.2016Reply

    Such a beautiful colors! I love the outfit!

    • tayloraube/ 09.11.2016Reply

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Cinzia Satta/ 09.11.2016Reply

    I love neutral color, and this blush rose is one of my favorite colors, perfect on you! The pants are super fab!

    • tayloraube/ 09.11.2016Reply

      Than you so much! I bet they would look SO good on you babe!

  • Liz/ 11.11.2016Reply

    Blush is definitely my favorite. I’m so obsessed with this outfit! I want every piece!! Happy weekend!


    • tayloraube/ 11.11.2016Reply

      Thank you Liz! Blush is the perfect color for fall!

  • Courtney Bentley/ 12.11.2016Reply

    I wish I looked as gracious as you in blush and neutrals, these colors really drown me out but I LOVE the style so I think I will try this look with a navy and white..hmm we will see! I love this look on you FLAWLESS!
    Courtney Bentley ||

    • tayloraube/ 14.11.2016Reply

      I’m sure those colors you mentioned will look so good on you. Neutrals are so easy to style and I’m sure you would look fabulous in blush 🙂

  • yuka/ 12.11.2016Reply

    I love the pastels and neutrals going on here! so pretty and feminine!

    • tayloraube/ 14.11.2016Reply

      Thank you! I’m still swooning over this outfit!

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