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Stop, Drop & Vogue | Camel and Maroon
Camel and Maroon
Camel and Maroon
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Autumn Colors: Camel and Maroon

Autumn Colors: Camel and Maroon

This autumn season I am striving for the perfect color palette. I think the shades camel, maroon, dusty rose, nude and brown all mix perfectly. Creating a wardrobe color palette is my goal and by starting off with a few shades as seasons go by I can branch out into different colors, ensuring the perfect mix-and-match wardrobe.

The beautiful new clothing brand Dezzal sent me over this Deep Red Lace Midi Dress and a Camel Longline Wool Coat to style. I wore this dress on my birthday (September 20th, woohooo!) and my fiancé Scott told me that it’s his new favorite. He told me it reminds him of Victorian dresses. Maybe without the giant pannier underneath. I love the romantic feel of the maroon color, the lace and the tulle. It’s such a pretty dress and I can’t wait until I can wear it again to a formal event or dinner.

With the camel coat thrown on the dress has a more casual feel. I can see myself wearing this outfit while shopping around downtown. I’ve been looking for the perfect lightweight camel coat and I have fallen in love with this one. The weather in North Carolina does not get that cold in the winter, so I’ve been trying to incorporate lighter jackets into my wardrobe, after all you can always layer up underneath! Stay tuned for more of my new palette’s color combinations. I’m excited to share pictures as my wardrobe develops.

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favorite colors for fall?

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Thank you Dezzal for sponsoring this post!

  • Tiffani at Breton Bay/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Those color looks gorgeous on you!! Truly the perfect Fall dress!! And, in Maryland, it went from summer to a very chilly and wet Fall, so that camel coat would be perfect!!!


    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      We just had a few storms here so they blew in all of the cold air. I’m hoping it sticks! 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet comment Tiffani!

  • Nataly/ 30.09.2016Reply

    I love the camel and maroon together! Perfect fall color combo!


    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Nataly 🙂

  • cindy/ 30.09.2016Reply

    This dress is so stunning on you! I love this shade of red too!


    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Cindy you are so kind, thank you!

  • Amanda/ 30.09.2016Reply

    This is my FAVE color for fall. That beautiful maroon is stunning on you! Have a great weekend.

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Amanda! You too <3

  • Katherine/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Such a pretty post!! And great colors too

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      These colors are my favorite so fall. Can’t wait to bust out my dusty rose wide leg pants!

  • Ashley/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Love the pretty tulle layer on this dress! So gorgeous!

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Me too Ashley! It adds the perfect feminine touch.

  • Merima/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Such a fabulous mix of colors. You mixed my favorites btw. I love this dress, coat – everything.

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      I can’t wait to style this coat into more looks! It’s just so fabulous!

  • Kellie/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Gorgeous! I adore that color on you! Also, Dezzal has some gorgeous items!!!

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      I love their collection. Some of their dresses look like straight up princess gowns. Obsessed!

  • aida zhan/ 30.09.2016Reply

    This look is beyond gorgeous. Wow! You look so elegant, so poised. I love it! xoxo, Aida

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you Aida, sometimes I appear that way, but I can guarantee I’m a total spazz 😛

  • Diana/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Oh my. That dress was made for you. ! I love love love the color pairing. Camel and maroon, blush and nude. So perfect for fall and for your skin tone and hair color too. The dress is so wonderfully feminine, and fits you well. The coat is fantastic, and will go with so many other outfits. Great post Taylor. I am inspired to choose a color scheme for my fall outfits.

    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Diana for your amazing comment! I’m so glad I was able to inspire you to pick a color palette. It makes both shopping and styling easier. Have a great fall!

  • Madison/ 30.09.2016Reply

    You look so pretty!! Love this coat!!!


    • tayloraube/ 30.09.2016Reply

      Thank you so much babe!

  • Courtney Bentley/ 30.09.2016Reply

    I just love your style! Happy belated birthday! I love this camel coat it’s beautiful!!

    Courtney Bentley ||

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! This coat would look so good on you!!!

  • Nicole Leffew/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Taylor! You need to model seriously. You kill every shoot you do! Loving these fall colors and your shoes 😉 xo

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thank you Nicole :*

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thank you Terry, you are so kind!

  • Gail/ 30.09.2016Reply

    Such a pretty dress and I adore the color, so perfect for fall. Love it with the trench and nude heels. Have a great weekend babe! Xoxo

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thank you Gail, I can’t wait to style these colors more often!

  • Mary/ 30.09.2016Reply

    such a gorgeous dress, i love that color!

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thank you so much!

  • Victoria/ 01.10.2016Reply

    OMG in love with that jacket – the camel color is to die for!!


    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      The jacket is so cozy and chic! I can’t wait to wear it and style it more.

  • The Golden Girl Diary/ 01.10.2016Reply

    Absolutely love this look! So much fall perfection. You look lovely!

    xo, Amanda |

    • tayloraube/ 01.10.2016Reply

      Thank you so much! You are so sweet!

  • Laura @ Walking in Memphis in HIgh Heels/ 03.10.2016Reply

    Such a good color combo! Love that pretty camel colored coat!

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      This coat is my new wardrobe staple! I can’t wait to show it off in more styles!

  • Steph/ 03.10.2016Reply

    Love the color of your dress! So perfect for fall!

    xO – Steph

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Steph 🙂

  • rachel moore/ 03.10.2016Reply

    i agree with your fall color choices. so perfect. this dress is the perfect item to carry you through fall weddings and holiday parties. love it!!

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      Agreed! It’s such a fun little dress. I can’t wait to wear it more

  • Bryanns/ 03.10.2016Reply

    So adorable! Love theses pieces. So perfect for fall and the colors are so on point!

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      Thanks so much babe!

  • Kristina/ 03.10.2016Reply

    What a fun dress for fall- it does look very Victorian!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      I’m glad he’s not the only one who thinks that 😛

  • Jackie/ 03.10.2016Reply

    Beautiful fall look Taylor! Maroon is such a gorgeous colour on you! I love the detail of your dress and paired with your camel coat is sweet perfection.

    xo, jackie

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      Jackie you are so nice, thank you!

  • Shaheen Khan/ 03.10.2016Reply

    Love that coat on you!

    • tayloraube/ 03.10.2016Reply

      Thank you Shaheen!

  • Nicole/ 04.10.2016Reply

    My favorite Fall color is definitely marroon! You look stunning!

    • tayloraube/ 04.10.2016Reply

      Same here girl, same here!

  • Jessica Sheppard/ 04.10.2016Reply

    Wow, this color is stunning on you! Burgundy is always a winner for fall…burnt orange, emerald green and mauve are a few more of my faves this year!

    • tayloraube/ 04.10.2016Reply

      Those colors sound amazing!!

  • Morgan/ 04.10.2016Reply

    I’m totally loving that color palette as well! The burgundy looks great with your skin tone and hair!

    How 2 Wear It []

    • tayloraube/ 05.10.2016Reply

      Thank you. I love how this burgundy color compliments my hair and fair skin.

  • Maggie/ 04.10.2016Reply

    This is seriously a gorgeous color combo! Wow!

    • tayloraube/ 05.10.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Maggie 🙂

  • Elle R/ 04.10.2016Reply

    Love everything about the look! Fall Inspired for sure!

    • tayloraube/ 04.10.2016Reply

      Thanks so much! I can’t wait for the fall foliage.

  • Lauren/ 05.10.2016Reply

    Love this color combo – that dress is the perfect color on you!


    • tayloraube/ 05.10.2016Reply

      Thank you so much Lauren! 🙂

  • Lawren Bagley/ 07.10.2016Reply

    I am loving this dress, such a pretty color!


    • tayloraube/ 07.10.2016Reply

      Thank you Lawren, you’re so sweet!

  • rachel/ 31.10.2016Reply

    Love this lace dress, and you coat is amazing.
    xoxo, Rachel

    • tayloraube/ 31.10.2016Reply

      Thanks so much!

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