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Stop, Drop & Vogue | Spring Beauty Favorites
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Spring Beauty Favorites

Spring Beauty Favorites

All of the spring feels have finally hit! The air is so fresh, the flowers and trees are blooming, and the warm weather has arrived. I love the change of seasons and with spring literally right around the corner, it’s time to introduce my favorite spring beauty products! As mentioned in my post about my favorite winter beauty products, it’s always important to switch up your routine with each season. Skin reacts differently to various climates and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Perhaps your thick winter moisturizer may be too heavy for your skin in the spring, or the lack of humidity in winter lead you to go easy on the styling cream that you otherwise couldn’t live without in the humid spring air. Wish a fresh, spring perspective and some gracious gifts from fabulous brands, I’m breaking down my favorite spring beauty products!

Londowntown – Lakur Enhanced Color Polishes

When I say these colors are EVERYTHING – I mean it. I absolutely adore a light pink shade to do my nails quickly for a shoot – I think nude polishes are my favorite actually. Next up we have a darling lavender color, which is also another big favorite of mine – especially for spring! This lush red color is also perfection. Along with the grey, the colors and tones of these polishes are so unique and work perfectly together. The quality of polish is everything nowadays – I love Londontown’s products because they brush on smoothly, leaving minimal mistakes and the consistency is thicker so you don’t need to add 3 layers to get the right color. My nails will be looking fabulous this spring, that’s for sure!

In addition, the Lakur products are the first and only nail treatment and color line that works synergistically to heal nails from within. Londontown is revolutionizing the nail-care industry by creating a vegan, 9-Free (non-toxic) credulity free nail polish formula!

Londowntown – Nail Polish Upkeep

I love these additional nail polish products – they are key to keeping your manicure looking fresh and not chipping! I love a good base and top coat, especially for when I have my “Oopsies!” moments where I smudge me wet nails – the Instant Smudge fix swoops in and saves the day! For an extra layer of strength try the Gel Genius Top Coat finish, with all of these products it’s like having a mini nail salon in your own home!

Art Deco – Sun Kissed Bronzing Set

I have a confession to make – I haven’t used bronzer in about a year. I don’t know why I haven’t picked one up in so long, but Art Deco sent me this fabulous bronzer and I’m hooked again. I love this bronzer because it’s loose, but gets the job done. It gives me a fresh and shiny glow that doesn’t look too overdone. Since I am so fair skinned I am really conscious about layering my makeup and blending it in – this bronzer works wonders for me and I love the two shades so I can go dark or light as I please, or mix them together!

Art Deco – High Performance Lipstick

Besides the fabulous packaging of this lipstick, the color is perfect for me! I love a good Barbie pink lipstick, and the words “high performance” definitely do this lipstick justice. It’s long lasting and the prettiest color for spring. It reminds me of the dogwood tree flowers that bloom here in North Carolina! This shade is called “bright pink 488” and it’s $20 per lipstick!

Art Deco – High Precision Liquid Liner

This is the liquid liner of my DREAMS! I have been on a wild goose hunt for a good liquid liner. It’s so hard to tell sometimes before buying because you don’t know if the brush will be too thick, too floppy, or not lay enough color on for your liking. I find this product extremely easy to use and it gives me the perfect cat eye! This eyeliner makes me feel like a pro when I use it, not to mention its sleek packaging!

Cottonwood Loft – Bath Bombs

When my friend Amy told me she was starting an Etsy shop to sell her homemade bath bombs, I could not have been more excited! Bath bombs are such a fabulous way to wind down after a long day. I love these scents such as lavender, chai and cinnamon, and eucalyptus. All you do is fill your tub half way with water, drop a bath bomb in and watch it fizzle out aromas and beautiful colors – literally transforming your bath into a little oasis! I love that these are hand made at home, with lots of love put into every one 🙂 Also, the $6 price point is unbeatable!

T3 – Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron

This flat iron will make your hair look as sleek and sexy as the packaging of this product! I love the rose gold accents and the white design. I have used this heat tool to curl my hair and straighten it. The t3 flat iron is an award-winning tool in Allure magazine due to the single pass professional tourmaline ceramic iron, which helps stylists and bloggers like me to wave, flip or curl hair with ease. This product works quickly and efficiently to give you a head-turning, shiny and damage-free locks!

T3 – Featherweight Luxe 2i Blow dryer and Round Brush

This blow dryer and round brush are a killer combo that will give you the most glamorous blow out you can imagine. I am very impressed by this blow dryer and it has already replaced my old one. The sleek packaging and the effectiveness of the product really makes your daily blow out process a lot easier. Every woman needs a reliable blow dryer, and this one makes having tamed and stylish hair so much easier!

Triesta Organics – Moisturizing Collection

This four-piece hair care set will make the hair of your dreams a reality. Free of harmful chemicals, vegan, cruelty-free and guaranteed to give you that luscious hair you deserve, Triesta Organics is revolutionizing the domain of hair care products. Each ingredient is carefully considered and specifically selected to strengthen your hair, adding bounce and luster. The Moisturizing Collection, as shown above, comes with a Clarifying Treatment, Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, and a Blow Dry Styling gel. When used together, these products pack a powerful punch. Healing damaged ends, reviving dull hair, and breathing life back into your beautiful locks are what Triesta Organics is all about. I love that I can get the luxury of salon-perfected hair at the ease of my bathroom. These products (the blow dry styling gel is my personal fav!) are part of my spring beauty routine because after a chilly and dry winter, my hair needs some extra TLC – Triesta Organics delivers that and so much more!

Thank you to Art Deco, T3, Triesta Organics, Cottonwood Loft and Londowntown for sponsoring this post!

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  • Shelby Back/ 01.03.2017Reply

    These products sounds amazing!


  • Kim/ 01.03.2017Reply

    I keep hearing amazing things about the T3 products that I think I need to invest in the flat iron!


    • tayloraube/ 03.03.2017Reply

      Girl you totally do! The flat iron works wonders.

  • Kait/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Love these products dear! I have T3 too and love it! Thank you for this post! xoxo

  • Tessa/ 01.03.2017Reply

    This post is incredible, and your photography is beautiful!! I’ve been looking to try T3 products, and the white and rose gold has definitely won me over!! The perfect post for spring! <3
    xo, Tessa –

    • tayloraube/ 03.03.2017Reply

      Isn’t the white and rose gold just so perfect? Aesthetics on point. I love the brush and the blow dryer so much, they have been my obsession this past week

  • KatWalkSF/ 01.03.2017Reply

    So many great products here! Ready for Spring!


  • Kristen/ 01.03.2017Reply

    So many amazing goodies!! I am in the market for a new hairdryer…I am thinking the T3 might be the ticket!

    xoxo, Kristen

    • tayloraube/ 03.03.2017Reply

      Yes girl!! You will love their products!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      I think so too! You should def try them out, I can get my whole head dry in less than 30!

  • Cass/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Gah, need to try! These sound amazing! I love all of your pictures too – you are so talented. I think I’m going to try one of those Art Deco lipsticks, they look so perfect!!

  • Laura/ 01.03.2017Reply

    These all look so pretty! I love those bath bombs

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      Thanks girl! I’ll be sure to tell my friend Amy you said that 🙂

  • Lexi/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Ohhh LOVE T3 styling tools and those nail polish colors are dreamy!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      I can’t wait to play around with these colors more!

  • Nicole Leffew/ 01.03.2017Reply

    The T3 hairdryer is amazing! I also love the London town nail polishes! Great spring picks babe!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      These nail polishes are SO good! And this blow dryer has blown my mind haha!! The product itself is amazing.

  • Rachel/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Seriously, the white and rose gold styling tools are TO DIE FOR!!!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      Don’t they just scream luxury?!

  • Liz/ 01.03.2017Reply

    First of all your flatlays are amazing! Secondly- Ive been dying to try the T3 products! Thanks for reviewing!

    • tayloraube/ 03.03.2017Reply

      Thanks so much Liz! T3 is SO legit – you need to try them out!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      Try it out girl! There are so many options to order and I’ve linked them all to shop! You can get the dryer with the round brush, or a more compact blow dryer!

  • Kasey/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Love all of your beauty picks! That nail polish is so pretty! Amazing colors!

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      Kasey, you are so sweet. I love this nail polish and it doesn’t chip! I’ve had mine on for 3 days and it’s still going strong. That base coat is everything.

  • bella/ 01.03.2017Reply

    Okay all these products sound so good!! I wanna try them all.

  • Erica/ 02.03.2017Reply

    Love the Mauve-colored Londontown nail polish. I’ve never heard of Art Deco – but I love the packaging of the products, they look so clean. Definitely will read up a little more on them!

  • Emily/ 02.03.2017Reply

    I think I need to try out some of those T3 products! How is the blow dryer? I need a new one anyway. Love the post girlie!

    • tayloraube/ 03.03.2017Reply

      I really love it! It’s powerful, it’s light and nothing beats the sleek packaging. It replaced my old one on my first use haha!

  • Lana_SHON/ 02.03.2017Reply

    Great post, I very like it

  • Sara Magnolia/ 03.03.2017Reply

    Those nail colors are everything! Also, I totally need that t3 blowdryer!

    xo Sara |

  • Courtney/ 06.03.2017Reply

    I agree! we have to be conscious about that part 🙂
    we all have to be aware of what our skin needs during certain weather conditions.
    thanks for sharing these products amazeballs!
    Love CC – Courtney Bentley ||

    • tayloraube/ 06.03.2017Reply

      Yes girl! Our skin is everything so we have to treat it extra special! So glad you enjoyed this post.

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